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When you're scheduling your FREE appointment with Dr. Powis, you will receive the following:
  • FREE Comprehensive Hearing Test In Our State-Of-The-Art Booth ($110 Value)
  • FREE Listening & Lifestyle Assessment With Personalized Success Plan ($249 Value)
If hearing loss is indicated by your test results, you will be offered your choice of one of the two following options:
  • FREE 2 week in-home trial of hearing aids to experience the latest hearing device technology available for your success. (No Money Down, No Commitment)
  • 75-Day Customized Hearing Success Plan with high level of personalized support to ensure your hearing success. Most patients who have tried devices elsewhere and have not been successful report our unique process and supportive environment is what finally allowed them to experience the joys of better hearing. (Your investment will be refunded if you do not achieve these results by the end of 75 days. Your success is our success.) 
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What is seeing Dr. Powis, Au.D. like?
Depending on your situation you will be asked to complete some basic forms. You will be asked about your hearing history to understand any medical issues that could be affecting your health. A communication assessment will be used by our top rated audiologist to determine when and where you are experiencing difficulty. Your ears will be examined in a way that is neither invasive nor uncomfortable. You will then have your hearing tested in a sound booth after which your results will be reviewed with you. It’s easy and 100% private and comfortable!

Our office looks and feels very much like a doctor’s office. Dr. Powis is very knowledgeable about anatomy and the auditory system. In addition, she has been in the private practice setting for many years now and has provided successful outcomes to hundreds of people that have struggled greatly with hearing loss before deciding to take action.

Dr. Powis is a professional. Your experience at Quincy Hearing will be professional in every way. Our patients also often report it to be relaxing and enjoyable. Many primary care and ENT doctors refer patients to Dr. Powis for their hearing loss treatment (and we accept insurance assignment in most of these cases).
Here's What Our Patients Have To Say...
"Why Hearing Aids Aren't A Sign Of Getting Old" - Alan Hines
"That Quiet" - Annie Gately

"I Just Got Tired Of All That" - Bob Blucke

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